I realize that your time is precious, so first off thank you for taking the time to read this and to get involved in shaping the future of Halton Region. I'll keep this intro short.

Development of the Halton Region must protect the standard of living of taxpayers and residents. It's my opinion that the current planning and leadership is not fulfilling that responsibility. I keep raising issues on multiple levels, and I'm just not getting solid plans or vision back. Please elect me and I will insist on responsible planning and a larger vision that makes every resident's tomorrow better. If you can't walk your kid to a local soccer game, shop close to your house, or are stuck in traffic day to day, it's a failure of planning. We pay taxes to get this stuff worked out, and we deserve it worked out on our behalf. I hope you are excited by the future because if done right, intensification can bring many benefits to our communities, but we need to change the current direction and inject leadership and vision into the process.

I'll give you a quick example - green space:

Intensification or "Places to Grow" is a law by the Ontario government that requires 780,000 people to live in Halton by 2031. That is a 40% increase. Shouldn't that mean 40% more places to play, green space, and trees? Where are these parks going to be? If we fail to add this space, didn't we just diminish the standard of living of a current resident? Some kid is not going to get to play a sport. There will simply be no field for them to play on. Even if they get to play some place, poor planning will make the parents start driving around wasting everyone's resources and time. Yet development after development is chewing up the remaining land without taking this into account.

One more - transportation:

I can't stand gridlock. It's wasting time, hurting the environment, and should easily be avoided with a little foresight. You can't be "surprised" when people try to go to work, a restaurant or to the gym. With intensification, a 40% increase in people will mean 40% more trips, potentially creating a transit nightmare right outside our doors. Not enough planning has been done to keep our current roads moving even without this increase. It strikes me as critical to create local services for everyone. This is the best way to get people to walk or minimize car time. Yet I see residential developments with the critical pieces to pull this off (e.g. commercial venting, transport truck access,etc) are just not being included. This means only light retail and office space will be in these locations. We need a direction and development pattern that makes the transportation problem easier to handle not worse.

Thank you for reading this intro as to why I'm running for Halton Chair. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Please go vote on October 27th.  Nothing is going to affect your local community more that this vote.

Thanks for your time,

Greg Woodruff


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