Balanced Budget

Burlington taxes are out of control with a 31% increase over the last 8 years.


This is over twice the rate of inflation over the same time period of 13.6%


There is no attempt by this administration to slow this down Goldring reports there will be "predictable property tax increases." 


With the 2019 estimate at 4.1% the 9-year total increase for this council will be 35% ! 

These over inflation increases are not sustainable for people living in Burlington. No household can sustain increases like this. The situation is made worse in Burlington as many residents are seniors and live on a fixed income.

We need to re-focus staff on controlling costs to the taxpayer. This is primarily done by making this a core deliverable from the city manager. To that purpose, I'd like to see the city manager move from fixed salary into one with attached bonuses. I think if we have a bonus structure tied to tax increases we would have a greater focus on cost control throughout the city.

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  • Sue Stitch
    commented 2018-06-21 13:05:36 -0700
    I would like to know your views on The Sound of Music Festival it was brought in in 1967 when Burlington was still a Town & Country it was brought in by the Lions Club the junior Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club since the city is taking it over if they have kicked out all the clubs made all the money and has now made it paid to be part of they take all the good bands if they destroy the garbage ones out us afterwards I no longer enjoy going to or going down to The Sound of Music

    Spencer Smith Park was left for the enjoyment of the town of Burlington that was given to us by Spencer Smith now you have profit restaurants and pay for parking senior citizens have been complaining for years up to get no longer afford to take their grandchildren down to the park to play what can you do about that?


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