In 2014 I ran for Regional Chair and came in second with 5,812 votes. Since then I've expanded my family and now have 3 children which I am raising with my wife in Aldershot.

I have lived much of my life in Halton. I attended high school at M.M. Robinson in Burlington. I then attended Ryerson University in Toronto where  I earned a Bachelors of Science in Applied Computer Science (1998).  Following university, I moved back to the Burlington region and spent time working for many large companies including IBM, Eli Lilly, and Unisys. I soon started my own business Comexton Corporation, which builds management and e-commerce applications for other businesses. Then in 2008 I moved into the Aldershot area in Burlington. 

While living in Aldershot, I witnessed new developments which on the surface look positive, but which I am convinced seed long term and difficult to reverse problems into our community. I became aware of the Ontario Places to Grow Initiative, or “intensification”, which includes a mandate to place hundreds of thousands of new residents in Halton without using additional land. As I dug into these issues, I became aware of a pervasive lack of long term planning, decision making, and new thinking in the Halton Region transportation planning. I think we have all experienced this. It's getting harder and harder to move around in our daily lives, yet more buildings are under construction all around. Congestion is like a secret tax on us all. It makes everything cost more, take more time, and wastes natural resources as an added insult.

Congestion is not a natural phenomena; it's a symptom of lack of planning and poor development. Now intensification mandates the inclusion of hundreds of thousands of new residents without the new land and roads that normally come with them. Well you, the residents of Halton, are going to have to get involved, because I don't see how the status quo is going to protect your quality of life or your property value.

Intensification changes everything and we need to change the way planning and development is done across the entire region. I hope to help in that effort, because I like it here, and I hope you think it's worth getting involved too.

Thank you,

Greg Woodruff


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