How Intensification Will Destroy Where you Live.

By Greg Woodruff

1) Large scale apartment buildings will come to your area. Apartment blocks will replace the parking and flexible commercial space with low quality parking and near useless commercial space. Local roads were never designed to accommodate buildings of this type. The city will fail to expand the road system.

2) While these buildings will bring thousands of people to your area - the increased traffic congestion will prevent tens of thousands of others from reaching local businesses. Local businesses will struggle and falter. 

3) As local businesses fail the congestion trap gets worse as people have to travel further to services. City staff will keep pushing more and more large buildings are needed to increase the "local population" so that businesses might return or be strengthened. Every building has the same problem as before and deepens the congestion trap.

4) Congestion gets so bad that people with money leave the area. This is the first step in slum creation. When you complain about traffic congestion City officials will explain that your travel is unsustainable and you should bike or walk. They know of some one that does, so it's possible for you too. This is all clearly set out in Halton's Official Transit plan.

5) Your community will now look exactly like down town Hamilton. City planners copied the exact building size, street profile and parking situation. The exact same mess will exist. It's now impossible to reverse out of this without large spending, but the local population will not accept tax increases.

The flaw is that the city did not start by creating a compelling alternative means of traveling. It just gave up on building roads and replaced it with nothing. Planners just hoped that once car travel became impossible you would be forced into biking long distances out of desperation. If the city did invest in compelling mass transit and ringed the area with high quality commercial space, parking, walking paths and bike lanes then it would have transformed it into a dynamic modern space. This all took money which the City was not issued and could not raise.

The way you prevent all of this is to insure that developments bring in high quality commercial space, parking, increased road capacity and alternative means of travel. Local residents need quality of service guarantees so that if developments start snarling travel development has a stop point. Right now none of this exists and it needs to. Worse yet very few people understand what the city/region is up to and the underlying principles at work.

Get the word out please! Contact as many people as you can and let them know.

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