What is your plan for LaSalle Park? How does Burlington get it from Hamilton?

What is your plan for LaSalle Park?  How does Burlington get it from Hamilton?

What is your position of the $4,000,000 gift the current council just gave to the LPMA?

What will you do to protect the Trumpeter Swans?

I don’t want to see headlines in the news that the trumpeter swans are starving because the city  built a wavebreak that stays in the water year round.



Hey Jim,

1) I asked all Provincial MP candidates to have the province to place LaSalle into the Municipality of Burlington. The Province can do so legally by direction. This removes the possibility of selling the park to developers for condos. I've had no response from the new administration. Please tweet at @janemckennapc that you would like to see this done. Send your friends this webpage if you like. Hamilton is still on deck to get 1 billion dollars in additional funding from the Province - they can hardly complain too much about this.

2) I believe the council approved 3.5 million for the wave break and the marina is supposed to chip in $500,000. They have operated the marina for decades with no funding from the city. The funding will maintain the marina for decades more at no additional cost to the city. They raided the "Hydro reserve fund" so no direct impact to property taxes this year.

3) I was opposed to the solid wave breaks across the beach plan - which thankfully got scrapped. I don't believe the breaks approved go across the beach, more out in the bay, so the swans should be fine. Even so, there is a promise to monitor them and I believe bubblers can be installed if additional icing is detected.

I know that people like to focus on the hundred or so boaters and paint them as wealthy and they should pay for this themselves. It's actually more like boating enthusiasts at all different income levels.  I'm more interested in maintaining the sailing program where many people learn to sail. There is also a program that takes special needs kids out on the water.

I know it's unpopular with some, but the council did well here. We are maintaining a marina on the cheap and it gives people access to the water in a variety of ways and should have no impact on the swans.

Greg Woodruff


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